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Green Garden Waste Collections Are Changing

Green Garden Waste Collections Are Changing


Now, with funding from Defra, we have made further changes to the scheme, combining food waste and garden waste collections into one weekly service. The Council will be encouraging residents to adapt by using their food waste caddy for garden waste so that nothing goes to waste. However this funding has now been withdrawn, and we are unable to sustain this service. The Council remains committed to recycling and refuse collection across the borough and will continue to work closely with residents to minimise the amount of waste we produce.

In 2016, we will be applying for further funds from the Department of Communities and Local Government to extend and enhance our fantastic collection service, This Is Redbridge ( We are also seeking additional funding for an expansion into food waste collections. The main routes consist of the 89, 187, 59, 322, 452, N41 as well as the 24 hour route N24 and school specials. London Buses route 43, 180, 185 and N18 pass through the borough. It is part of the National Cycle Network and Route 5.


Compost.    That is the word that has defined the last month of my life, primarily because I have gone on a small passion project to do just that. Even though I live in a city where it’s basically illegal not to be vegan, the amount of food scraps, eggshells, and curly kale remnants I’ve been generating has been substantial — enough so that I decided to turn all our counter-culture compost needs into actual compost for our garden.

Why Are Youchanging The Service?

The service has been an enormous success in Manchester increasing the amount of garden waste collected from over 40,000 tonnes in 2012/13 to 50,000 tonnes in 2013/14. The extended collection has also issued a significant cost saving for residents compared with other methods of disposal and enabled 140,000 tonnes of green waste recycling both within the council and into local community projects. In 2016/17 we will spend a further 3m from the DCLG on extending the green garden waste scheme to provide a conversion service to residents in residential areas across our borough.

This will increase recycling in our borough as it will mean garden waste doesn’t go to landfill, it’ll be transformed into high grade compost and used in local parks and green spaces. In 2015 we requested funding to extend the green garden waste collection service to the autumn and winter months but this funding was rejected by DCLG. It is in this light we have decided to reduce the frequency of green garden waste collections from weekly to every three weeks.

In 2014/15 we collected an extra 2. 7m kg of waste from gardens and has been worth over £10m to the borough. We did not have a funding agreement in place for 2015/16 and so decided to withdraw the service while we negotiated a new agreement with the DCLG, which we have now done. ". With the passing of the revised Waste Binnings Bill last month, it means that it is no longer necessary for local authorities to offer residents green garden waste services year round and we therefore no longer have the funding needed to continue to do so.

After the end of the green garden waste collection in 2016, we made a commitment to continue to offer an alternative garden waste service and that any savings from offering a lighter weight / 3 bin system would be invested back into the environment. Compost.  It’s a word which when used at the start of a sentence can put people off. But as Chesterfield Borough Council develops plans for a network of household food waste collections, Howard Green is keen to stress the benefits this could bring for town and country dwellers alike.

How Will The Changes Work?

Newcastle City Council's new single, weekly garden waste collection scheme will come into force on 2April 2014. Under the old scheme, garden waste was collected on four Wednesday's per year in the summertime. The new weekly collections will be made from April to October inclusive on a fortnightly basis by Go Waste No1 Ltd. Garden waste is leaf and hedge prunings, branches and thinnings and can also include grass cuttings, so long as this does not exceed 20 kilograms in total weight.

The contents of domestic green bins are kept separate from other waste at the kerbside and taken to the Nottinghamshire Energy Recovery Facility at Hope Valley for energy recovery. What this means is that residents will have access to six rolls of bags for a cost of 50 (the overall cost will likely be 60 after adding the charge for the extra bags). Coun Holland said: “This is a flat rate. Residents who wish to use more than six bags per year will pay 50 per year, those with gardens larger than are likely to need fewer can order additional bags for 10 per roll.

The bags will be picked up using an empty wheeled bins which will be provided to those without their own in line with the current garden waste collection service. However, a new bin will also appear on the doorstep of those that wish to take advantage of the new collections, for customers who currently do not have one. Residents that do not wish to pay for the garden collections service will be able to purchase 200 biodegradable bags, at a cost of 2 per roll.

The bags must be used for placing the garden waste on the kerb side. Garden waste will then be collected fortnightly between April and October by WTE on behalf of the council. A council spokesman said: "The cost will go towards equipment to collect and transport the garden waste and this will be collected on a fortnightly basis. This is a trial and, depending on the results, the service may be extended to other areas in the district.

Will I Need To Bring Id To Use The New Collection Sites?

The new garden waste sites are for householders only. This is space that's designed for those who live nearby and will not have any impact on your journey to work, school or the shops. We need our new regional centres to be a place where everybody feels welcome and the facility is safe and suitable for all users including people with disabilities, children, women and older people. That's why ID will always be required to drop off waste at our recycling centres across East Lancashire.

We are changing our drop off sites to include a wider range of materials, which will increase the amount of garden waste we recycle. To assist with increasing the amount of garden waste collected, we will be opening new collection sites across the county and we're changing our garden waste and recycling centres to refuse and recycling centres. These centres will continue to provide services like bulky waste collection, commercial recycling and trade waste disposal.

I will not try to convince you that there is little or no benefit to using traditional collection service as opposed to just putting your waste in the open. I will only say that, besides the major advantage of convenience, all garden waste dropped off at Elizabeth Lindo Wood (ELWA) disposal sites is taken and recycled into useful new products while all waste taken to Colletion Sites goes into land filling. You will still need to provide identification when using the ELWA refuse and recycling centres, even if you have garden waste to dispose of.

You may be asked by ELWA staff to show your photo ID but this will vary depending on which site you are visiting. Therefore, it is important that you check you have sufficient identification that shows the address you are living at or proof of residency if a student. We know it can be confusing, so we are in the process of introducing a new service to help residents ensure that their garden waste is disposed of via our new collection sites.

Will There Be Any Restriction On The Size Or Amount Of Garden Waste People Could Take To The New Collection Sites?

In general,it depends. In terms of size there is no restriction on the size of items that can be deposited in your free garden wasteBin. There will be a threshold on weight to ensure that the vehicle collecting the waste can take it. This will vary from Borough to Borough. In terms of amounts,there are local limits on how much garden waste you can put out for collection in each period,and these will be consistent across all Boroughs.

There are separate collection days for your green garden waste and for your brown bin household waste. The new sites will be open every Wednesday, but only from April to October (garden waste season). You can find the designated garden waste sites on www. agsci. ie. The new sites have been designed to accept garden waste such as tree branches, grass cuttings and other normal garden waste. They will not be able to take larger items of waste such as mattresses or fridges.

How Will The Changes Affect The Collection This Winter?

On the face of it, these changes seem to be a good idea and Scunthorpe residents have been pretty positive about them so far. But what will really happen when the winter season arrives? Will people continue to aim for the biodegradable waste collection every week, even if their garden waste is looking a little bedraggled?. Instead, you can use the garden waste recycling centres to dispose of your garden waste. These are at Bensham Manor Lane selfish, and Hardwick Lane Recreation Ground selfish.

 The centres will be open on the same days as normal – but from 6am-6pm instead of 2pm-4pm. The new changes will affect mostly larger homes and gardens, with the remainder of properties continuing to have garden waste collected on a fortnightly collection. What restrictions does the council have on the sizes of any timber or wood waste that can be disposed of at our local household recycling sites?. This is separate from the existing yellow lidded recycling bins (for cardboard, plastics and metal) and black refuse sacks (for all other types of waste).

Will You Still Collect Christmas Trees?

All garden waste will also be collected as part of the weekly refuse collection at the same time as the Christmas tree collections. The householder is responsible for ensuring that garden waste is cut up into manageable pieces and placed in clear bags or outside containers. Not all types of garden waste can be collected – check your black bin to see what can go out. Newcastle City Council is asking if Newcastle residents will still collect natural Christmas trees from their kerbside during its 2016 collection period.

Trees should be removed on the morning of Monday 2 January and placed beside your black wheelie bin for collection along with the residential recycled waste collection on Friday 13 January. We will be collecting natural Christmas trees on Monday 2 and Thursday 5 January. Residents should ensure the trees are cut up into three or four pieces to make collection more efficient. They should be put out the same day as your normal refuse collection.

Am I Able To Phone To Book A Green Garden Waste Collection?

Green Garden Waste collections will be made every four weeks in your area. The date given will be on the collection calendar situated within local neighbourhood sites. For further information about your nearest collection point please contact us on This Is Redbridge ( between 8:30am and 5:00pm, seven days a week. Green Garden Waste isn't collected as part of your normal rubbish/recycling collection. You'll need to book this special collection separately. Each parish is allocated a certain number of collections so they are in high demand you shouldn't be surprised if you miss out.

Is my waste classed as Green Garden Waste?. It is your responsibility to decide whether or not your waste is classed as Green Garden Waste. Waste that is not classed as Green Garden Waste will need to be booked, and you may incur an additional charge. If you are a private individual, you are not entitled to any Green Garden Waste collections. Can I book a Green Garden Waste collection?. Due to the lapse in the EU Landfill Directive, we are proposing to discontinue Christmas tree collection.

Can I Dispose Of Green Garden Waste Through My Normal Refuse Collection?

As autumn comes to an end and your garden looks a bit more bare, you may want to get rid of the green waste that is left lying around. If you do this via your council refuse collection service, you will need to prepare your garden waste first as it will not be collected otherwise. In order for your green garden waste to be collected as part of refuse collection, you would need to bag the waste into either green bags or black sacks.

Anyone with a bit of garden will be left with green garden waste after the summer months and wondering what to do with it. It's important not to simply pile all green garden waste in black bin bags as it can fly around the collection vehicle and cause a nuisance for neighbours. Can I dispose of green garden waste through my normal refuse collection? Most householders with a brown bin will currently put their garden waste in their green garden bin and then take it to a composting site.

This does not apply to all households though. I have green waste to dispose of, what do I do?. If you have garden waste (black bags) to dispose of please wait until the end of the week and put it out for your normal refuse collection in sacks or skip bags. Green garden waste is typically collected separately from normal household refuse and therefore is not collected as part of your refuse collection. Can I dispose of green garden waste through my normal refuse collection?.

Can I Dispose Of Garden Waste Through A Free Bulky Waste Collection?

Official government guidelines help residents to decide whether they need to book a bulky waste collection or whether it is suitable for normal bin collections. However, we are constantly being advised of new government guidance and the best way to find out if your garden waste is eligible as part of our service is to contact us on This Is Redbridge ( We can then advise you directly on this matter. If your garden waste isn’t suitable for our service that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to dispose of it.

There may be other options available to you so please do get in touch with us on This Is Redbridge ( Free bulky waste collections run to specific days of the week, so even if your item is suitable for collection you may not be able to get to us on the day of the week when we normally collect garden waste. However, on a designated garden waste day we will collect one blue bag per household and this can then be filled with any garden waste you have.

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to dispose of garden waste. If so then we have some good news. We are running a promotion on our Bulky Waste service until the end of September when you can dispose of up to three items of bulky waste for no extra charge. We do not run a garden waste collection at this time and we are unable to provide advice on the disposal of garden waste.

What Are The Alternatives To Throwing My Green Waste Away?

Here’s a scenario most of us have found ourselves in at some point – you’re out there with your lawn mower and trimmer cutting the grass and trimming the hedges. And when you’ve finished you look at all of your green waste and think “what on earth am I supposed to do with this?” Putting it in your home recycling bin doesn’t make a lot of sense since it contains only paper and other types of organic materials that can break down.

This means you could be taking up valuable space in the recycling bin, for example, for something that could easily go into composting along with hundreds of other materials which will then break down. What can I dispose of in my garden waste collection?. Garden waste is classed as rubbish and can include. The stopping of this service will align our policies with other local authorities who have also recently stopped providing this service nationally.

How Do I Know What Day My Refuse Collection Is?

The only thing more confusing than Wordpress directories is my council's website. To find out what day my rubbish gets collected, I have to click on a tab to reveal a drop down that contains an option marked ‘View your current refuse days’. That's a lot of text. So why do you need to find out when your collection day is? It’s one of those things that can easily slip your mind, but it can be very annoying if you forget your bins.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to know what day your refuse collection takes place. Many householders across the UK are not aware of the day their refuse collection take place. With each Council area having its own application procedures it can be a minefield for even the most diligent housewife or househusband to wade through. Have you ever wondered what day your refuse collection is or where to get this information? This weekend I discovered that the information about weekly refuse collection and recycling is available from the council.