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Most Dangerous Places To Live In Redbridge

Most Dangerous Places To Live In Redbridge


This is about four times higher than the average crime rate in a month in Newham, which was 2975. 77 per-month. By comparison, neighbouring Ilford saw 110 crimes in June, with a population of 59,300 (Newham's population is 241,000). London, 13th July, 2013 Despite it being a much milder month than the past two months of June and May crime in Ilford Town is still high.  What makes this worse is that there were 136 crimes in April and 148 in May.

Ilford Town

Ilford Town fared worst in the crime league table, This Is Redbridge ( In fact, when it was created, Ilford Town had the highest reported crime rate (5,487 crimes per 100,000 people) of anywhere within London. It's since been overtaken by Southall Broadway and Wood Green Central. Police data reports a total of 22,933 crimes being committed in Ilford Town between September 2010 and August 2011 – that’s 63 crimes per day or 2. 97 crimes every hour. With over 3 times as much reported crime as the next nearest ward, it is not hard to believe that Ilford Town is far from a town that everyone in Ilford can be proud of.

Based on police statistics, out of all crime that is committed in the UK, just 3% occurs within the home. This obviously has massive implications for the amount of both residential and domestic burglary that takes place within the area. Ilford Town.  Somewhat unsurprisingly, Ilford Town had by far the largest amount of reported crime in the whole borough. 2421 crimes were committed in 2014, 692 more than nearest competitor Wanstead and Snaresbrook. The next highest was Barkingside with 1314 crimes, 236 short of Ilford.

I suggest you catch up on some of those hours of sleep that have been hunted down and stolen from you by this article. Ilford Town recorded 7,843 incidents of crime during May – less than both Redbridge (14,934) and Barking and Dagenham (19,181). Interestingly, Waltham Forest scored particularly high in the amount of vandalism recorded during that time period. In fact over 5,000 such incidents were reported to the police. - Ilford Town. Unsurprisingly, it also has the lowest level of life satisfaction in the whole Borough.


In Monkhams we are lucky to be home to a thriving community of families, young and old, professionals and students and a wide and diverse range of shopkeepers, businesses, schools and organisations who contribute so much to the borough. I was elected by Monkhams Community Forum in May 2015 at the tender age of 22. After a year in office I’ve talked to lots of you about the issues that matter most: Transport, Public Realm and Development.

Together we will ensure that our vibrant community can continue to prosper into the next decade. Monkhams is bounded by the Lee Navigation towpath to the North and east, the railway line to the south and east, and the A406 North Circular Road to the west. St Andrew’s Church at the centre of Monkhams was built around 1505 by a local benefactor named John Clement. The church has been in constant use ever since. Tanners Brook (red on the map) feeds into Nazeing Mead and then ultimately supplies water to the River Lea, so it's a place of great importance.

Monkhams seems to have been important for prehistory: there's a Neolithic artefact in the area called a Potstand. Monkhams is bounded by the Welsh Harp reservoir to the west, Clayhall Road, Pingate Lane and the A12 southern bypass and North Circular Road to the north, South View Road and Church Lane to the east, and Larkshall Road to the south. Here I live in the neighbourhood of Monkhams, which is part of the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Wanstead Park

Crime levels in Wanstead Park fell dramatically from 291 offences in 2005 to 170 in 2006, one of the largest reductions for any area in London. Wanstead Park was given the lowest crime rating of A (low crime) by police, with only a handful of robberies and assaults reported. That’s compared to 133 crimes in the same month last year. A borough-wide record, a number of which were violent, came on June 14 when there were six reported crimes.


Barkingside is a small area right in the centre of the borough, that confusingly does not contain Barkingside Tube station.     The area itself is not very interesting or attractive, but does have some nice pubs and restaurants.  The architecture overall isn’t particularly great, with most buildings being typical low-rise apartment blocks or terraced houses.      But one thing ‘Barky’ has going for it, is to be London’s cheapest spot to rent a home.      For a two bedroom flat, expect to pay about £550 per month, which is less than any other part of London aside from Westminster.

     And that. Barkingside is a small, up-and-coming area in the borough of Barking and Dagenham that remains relatively under the radar to anyone outside the borough.  The expected regeneration of East London has yet to take hold here, meaning you can get yourself a bargain. There are some fantastic Victorian terraces within a 15 minute walk of a newly refurbished Royal Mail sorting office, ideal for anyone who wants to move into an up-and-coming area that has excellent transport links into central London.

Barkingside is one of those areas of East London that never really gets the recognition it deserves. It's right in the centre of Barking and Dagenham, yet is just outside the Inner London boundary, and so it doesn't get mentioned on its own in discussions about the borough. I have lived here for about ten months now, and in this time I have increasingly got to know the area well enough to know that it really has some great benefits to offer people who move to East London.

I live in Barkingside, a small local authority district at the very centre of the London Borough of Redbridge. It's often depicted as a fairly unremarkable area, but we have plenty going on. And, for the last 10 months I've been documenting it all as a blog. Barkingside is a small area right in the centre of the borough, that confusingly does not contain Barkingside Tube station. However it does contain. The figures show robberies in the area predominantly took place around Valentines, which has nearly 1,000 residents and is near London Road.


Woodford lies on the River Roding and is centred around Woodford Bridge, a humpback bridge built in 1826 by George Dance the Younger. There are records of a Neolithic settlement on Woodford Green and Roman remains have been found between Woodford and South Woodford. A number of Saxon charters refer to Woodford. The name comes from the Old English words "wudu" and "ford". In the 11th century Forest Brook marked the boundary between Essex and Middlesex, with Woodford being part of the County of Essex.

 The Chartist poet Ralph Chaplin was born in Woodford in 1818.  He left school at 14 and worked until he was 21 years old as a 'p. Woodford Bridge is an area of Woodford, East London. A bridge crossed the River Roding dividing the area into an island known as Little island and a larger area called Great Island. In the early 19th century, there were probably a number of small hamlets on this island and nearby in greater Woodford.

The 1841 census named eight "villages or clusters of houses": Woodford New Town, Little Ilford, Claybury (formerly Great Ilford), Upper and Lower Woodford, Lammas, Lamesley and Wainscott. The Bridge area is in the north-west of the borough and covers Woodford Bridge, Woodford Green and Claybury Park. It lies mainly to the south of the A406 North Circular Road, which borders it on its western edge, separating it from Wanstead and Hainault, with Woodford New Road providing an eastern boundary.

The area has a population of around 26,000 people. There is a lot going on in the Bridge area of Woodford Green. New flats are being built near the station and there were significant roadworks around the station when I visited. The flats along Woodford Bridge had a separate carpark for residents with access through an underground tunnel which connected to the others by covered walkways. The Bridge area covers Woodford Bridge, Woodford Green and Claybury Park in the north-west of the borough.

It’s mostly residential with a lot of large houses but there are also small pockets of industrial land including the famous Fry’s chocolate factory and the factory where Boots the Chemist was first started. The Bridge is a good area for dining out, pubs and cafes. It has an active village green which can be used for recreation. Neighbouring areas: Woodford Bridge, Highams Park, Buckhurst Hill, Loughton, Wanstead. Valentines, which borders Ilford Town to the north east, saw 116 recorded crimes in June, averaging out to almost four crimes a day.


Meet the residents of Clayhall, a new area that has grown up in the centre of the borough.  In the age of social media, and quick, easy accessibility from every part of the globe, the idea of a community with a shared sense of place is somewhat alien to newer generations. Once upon a time, most people would have grown up knowing their neighbours; perhaps sharing cups of sugar or watching each other's houses empty for hours or days at a time when they went out or were on holiday.

 Much has been written about how cities are now more transient places than they have been in living memory as people move freely across national borders for work and play alike.  It is no surprise then that perhaps the most iconic images. Today, Clayhall is a lively place.  The shopping centre has undergone extensive refurbishment works over the last decade or so, with many retail chains represented and a variety of different shops and stores always present on the walkways.

Outside this central shopping precinct, you'll find several independent retailers who offer their goods to the local community. With plenty of facilities for families in Clayhall, as well as large fields for children to play football in, it’s easy to see how the area attracts both young families and retirees looking to make the most of their time there. A small suburban development in the centre of the borough whose name derives from an old manor house.

Brick-built houses dating from the 1930s onwards occupy most of Clayhall, with more recent housing to the north's edge of the neighbourhood. Clayhall also gives its name to the area that surrounds it, an almost rectangular shaped expanse of open land stretching from the borders of North Acton and Willesden Green, right up to the edges of Palmers Green. Clayhall has a few estate agents in the centre of it, although its small size means there is no high street itself, just a path that runs from one end to the other with a few businesses situated along it.


Some see the police division as entirely residential, but this isn’t quite true. The major shopping centers on Norwood High Street and Woodford New Road are within its borders, and the fact that it includes part of Green Lanes – one of the capital’s most important thoroughfares for commuting – suggests that crime levels are likely to be high. Even so, the area experienced a mere 66 offences in June, and the number of robberies, burglaries, and vehicle thefts in Fullwell is lower than anywhere else covered by this article.

Still residentially dominated, however, with a relatively low total of less than 250 crimes per 100k people. Fullwell  is a little hamlet in north-east Greater London, which experienced a relatively small number of crimes in June.  Cricklewood is an area that runs alongside Fullwell these two areas could be considered the Little Village! Although this is an area made up of London NW2 postcodes, it only has 3 parks: Hetherington Road Gardens, Fullwell and Prét en Bouchère Parks.

Fullwell is a tiny area in the north of East London. It covers just 0. 1 square km, making it the smallest police division in the UK. This small geography makes it easier to study. Below are statistics from the last three months in Fullwell. Fullwell, like Springleaze, experienced a small rise in crime with an increase of 15 crimes. The rise was not as extreme as Springleaze’s however, and there were still 46 less crime reports than June last year.


Docklands has a reputation as one of the most secure areas of London to live. When you've paid so much to live here, it's easy to be complacent about safety. Despite this, in June 2011, there were 66 crimes reported in Churchfields – the north-west area of the borough – over the course of just 30 days. This means there was an average of 2. 6 crimes a day in this part of the city.

To put this into some kind of context, there were collectively 67 crimes reported across all other parts of Wandsworth (excluding Battersea) during that time. Churchfields had higher crime rates for all types of crime than almost anywhere else in the borough, with burglary and theft causing the majority. The figures, released by the Metropolitan Police following a Freedom of Information request by Huffington Post, show that Churchfields was responsible for more crimes in June than any other part of Westminster.

It also had the highest rate of property crime per 1,000 people. Crime levels in Brent rose by 7 per cent in June, with 1,100 more offences reported than the previous year. Consequentially this led to a 6 per cent rise in the number of arrests by Brent Police. The results again reveal a high volume of crime, much of which is drug-related. In June, there were 42 crimes reported in Churchfields, based on data released by the Metropolitan Police.


The latest crime figures for Hainault show that there were 67 crimes reported in the area in August this year. This was actually a steep drop from the previous month, when there had been 114 crimes. Maybe the low crime here can be put down to the fact that Hainault has some of the most expensive properties in the borough, with a value of £6. 9 million on average. The figures show an average of 19 crimes reported every week in Hainault, including incidents of anti-social behaviour, burglary and vehicle crime.

Wanstead Village

June is over and I'm happy to say we saw many new faces at our Little Free Library! Our warm and welcoming Wanstead Village is filled with creative, lovely and kind residents, so please, don't let all the crime reports put you off from visiting. After all, it's just the minority looking to cause trouble. I was shocked to find that Wanstead Village has a lot more crime that it does reputation for being a wealthy area.

The trouble is, the two are not linked. If you live in Wanstead Village, you should be extremely careful of your property and people around you. Wanstead Village in London. Here are the 10 most common crimes for June according to the Metropolitan Police. A crime map for Wanstead Village has been released by Scotland Yard after a Freedom of Information request. Wanstead Village had 67 crimes reported in June, mostly vehicle offences, theft and violence.


Before we begin, I should introduce myself. My name is Megan Stacey, and I’m the owner and editor of one of the most popular local websites, EastLondonLines. com. Cranbrook is where I grew up with my husband and two children. It’s a lovely part of London where people have been living for generations, and lots of people are moving here now thanks to Crossrail – a huge new infrastructure project that will transform London’s transport network.

The Cranbrook Estate, which will be included on Crossrail, is located here as well as some decent schools, plenty of green spaces, good shopping nearby…and a bit more about me. Cranbrook is a small area stretching from Redbridge Tube station to Gants Hill Tube station. Grange Park is a key hot spot for students from the University of East London, which is situated in the centre of this area. Green record shops are not too common in this part of East London meaning residents can buy records in a hassle free zone.

 Cranbrook is a perfect location for people who are looking for a home away from home in east London. The lack of crime and an over-the-large number of pubs and restaurants makes it impossibly hard to feel homesick. Cranbrook is a small area stretching from Redbridge Tube station to Gants Hill Tube station. Running through it are the A12, Springfield Road, Margaret Avenue and Helmholtz Road. The roads are lined with Victorian houses and average two or three bedrooms each.

There are three schools in the neighbourhood, including Cranbrook School and Rosary RC Primary School. The main park in Cranbrook is Mayesbery Park, although there are others dotted around. Cranbrook is a small area stretching from Redbridge Tube station to Gants Hill Tube station. The area mainly consists of old, high-density terraced housing. Cranbrook estate was built in Victorian times and had many distinctive houses with original architectural details such as sash windows and porches.


Newbury has seen a decrease in crimes reported since May, when there were 80 crimes reported. The month prior to this saw 92 crimes reported. Despite seeing a decrease in the past two months, Newbury is still above average when it comes to the number of crimes reported. In June 2016, 58 crimes were reported and this decreased further to 42 in June 2015. Newbury saw a total of 70 crimes reported in June, averaging out to a little over two a day.

There were 42 reports of anti-social behaviour, 17 incidents of criminal damage or arson, and 10 other assaults. There were also six incidents of possessing weapons, six burglaries and three reports of stalking. Newbury saw a total of 70 crimes reported in June, averaging out to a little over two a day. This represents a very small rise over the figures for May, when 67 crimes were reported and an average of 2. 4 a day.

In June 2014, there were also 70 reported crimes, with an average of 2. 3 per day. Newbury saw a total of 70 crimes reported in June, averaging out to a little over two a day. This included theft, burglary and anti-social behavior as the main offenses. Newbury town centre has seen an increase in crime, with both April and May having over 40 crimes reported each month. Newbury, with a population of 70,700 and an area of 10 miles, saw 70 crimes reported in the period January to June.


Mayfield, which takes its name from the old ways in which it was spelt, is a quiet neighbourhood within Redbridge. It has been suggested that the origins of its namesake come from Midsummer’s Eve, and that it was named by the French. Mayfield offers a peaceful existence, away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Mayfield is one of the most interesting wards within the Redbridge area. It has a wide range of amenities and some very popular shopping facilities.

These, coupled with the several schools located in Mayfield have meant that this area has become extremely popular with those who are looking to move into the area. The Mayfield ward is in the south of the Redbridge borough and borders Aldersbrook, Manor Park, Chigwell and Wanstead to the south, Forest Gate to the east, Chadwell Heath to the west and Leytonstone and Waltham Forest to the north. Mayfield is a rather large recreational area located in the south of Redbridge.

The ward also has the advantage of being close to good transport links with both central London and the surrounding areas accessible by road or rail. Mayfield is an area in Ilford, a town within the London Borough of Redbridge. It is a mainly residential area with some decent restaurants and bars. Hainault has the lowest rate of reported crimes in Newham.  The majority of offences were related to anti-social behaviour, with 24 recorded. Hainault was the least likely place for crime in Ealing, with just 67 crimes reported in total.

South Woodford

South Woodford has a great selection of pubs and restaurants as well as a few night clubs.  The best place for shopping in South Woodford is the High Road. It has everything from high street and designer clothing stores to specialist and antique shops.  The stretch of the High Road that includes South Woodford is home to a number of popular eateries.  Many ethnic food restaurants can be found on here offering foods ranging from Italian, Greek, Indian, Japanese and Tapas.

The streets are long and wide, with residential housing on both sides. In between these are schools like Hillcrest Primary, which sits just off the southern tip of South Woodford. There are two stretches of shops: The Broadway Centre and the Broadway Parade. The first is a multi-storey building with all manner of shops, like New Look, Card Factory and Poundland. The second is a parade of shops and restaurants that stretches out on both sides of the road.

South Woodford is a vibrant area along the western border of the London Borough of Redbridge in North East London, bordered by Liverpool Road and Vallance Road. The neighbourhood of South Woodford is mainly residential with a significant business centre on High Road, south Woodford. South Woodford is a district in the London Borough of Redbridge. It contains mainly housing built during the interwar period which leads to most of its buildings being relatively modern.


Crime rates in Chadwell Heath are worse than most London boroughs.  Last month there were 79 crimes reported in Chadwell Heath, the highest figures for a small section of Redbridge.  This is compared to just 56 crimes for the rest of the borough, proving that Chadwell Heath is twice as dangerous as any other part.  The crimes range from vandalism, shoplifting and drugs offences all the way to murder and arson attacks, indicating that this first half of 2017 was one full of violent encounters.

If one takes the London borough of Redbridge as an example, it’s not difficult to see why this has happened. In the month of June alone there were 79 crimes reported in Chadwell alone. This makes Chadwell one of the most dangerous places that can be found in Redbridge. One area where the council have failed to meet expectations is in crime. In Chadwell Heath there were 79 crimes reported in the most recent monthly report – an increase on 66 and 61 incidents reported in January and February.


Fairlop has a modern feel about it but also contains historical sites such as the Norman castle atop Beacon Hill. The castle was founded by Richard de Clare, the Marshall; and you’ll find an older feel in the days of old at St. Gabriel's Church in Fore Street, which is said to date back to Norman times.  It should come as no surprise that Fairlop is home to one of England’s most striking golf courses – and professional tournaments take place here each year.

What's Fairlop? Fairlop is a combination of two suburbs, located in the far east of London. First, there's  Fairlop, which is an area made up mostly of council estates and is also home to the Fairlop Loop a historic railway which weaves around the (now disused) Hainault Loop Line plus a golf course. I’ve always been fascinated by the name “Fairlop”, a very central part of Redbridge. Although it means nothing to me, it appears to mean ‘place of lopped trees’ as lepp originates from Anglo-Saxon meaning a severed limb/branch or perhaps even ‘wooded place’.

Brentwood.  In the north wes t of Queens Park, the boundary between Kensal Green and Brentwood runs through it, with Queens Park railway station in the south-west corner, so that half of Fairlop is in Brentwood. Fairlop is a spacious, leafy suburb of London, England. Fairlop is an area of South Woodford, in the London Borough of Redbridge. It is located SE of Chigwell, to the East of already mentioned Hainault Forest. The Fairlop Loop is a short circular walk around Fairlop Waters Country Park and encompasses the neighbouring areas of Stapleford Abbotts, Great South Wood and Hainault.


Accessed from Mayall Road, which divides this area from Ilford Town, is Clementswood Bridge over the River Roding. This bridge links Mayall Road with a small residential street named Clementswood Place. A railway line once ran under the bridge carrying the Eastern Counties and Thames Junction Railway. However, this route was short-lived due to poor passenger numbers and shut in 1903. It was lifted in 1937. Clementswood is a small area in the south of the borough, just below Ilford Town.

The centre of Clementswood is associated with a train station, however it is not particularly close to houses. There are a number of schools in the area, which may be good for families looking for houses to rent in this area. There are also regular buses linking Clementswood to the rest of Ilford and further destinations. Clementswood is a small area in the south of the borough, just below Ilford Town. It is situated adjacent to the junction of the A406 and A118, and was formed when land was laid out as part of the initial development of Ilford.

The name comes from the Clements family, who owned land here in the 19th century. Clementswood is located between the Wanstead Flats complex and Church Lane. It is mostly made up of Victorian houses. The only access to this area is through the Wanstead Flats estate, or via Church Lane. Clementswood is a small area in the south of the borough, just below Ilford Town. In the borough of Redbridge, in the south-east of Ilford, one neighbourhood has been named as having the highest levels of crime in a single month.


Aldborough ward is the largest by area in Redbridge. Aldborough is also the largest ward in London and among the largest in Europe.   Aldborough ward is a large, semi-rural area of Ilford to the east of Barkingside. Together with Ardleigh Green it comprises a single electoral area, which is one of the most rural in London. Most of Aldborough ward is covered by the A406 from Redbridge to Ilford and further. The north area of Aldborough stretches out rightwards, and a mile or so from the town centre borders Sundridge Park and Mayfield wards in Waltham Forest, London Borough Council.

Aldborough ward lies in the Borough of Redbridge and mostly falls within Thames Ward (Ward 32). It borders on South Chingford (Barkingside ward), is bordered to the south by Hainault, and to the west is largely undeveloped land known as Outwood Common. Aldborough is a semi-rural area of Ilford, to the east of Barkingside, as well as the largest ward in the whole of Redbridge. It was formerly known as Aldborough Hatch and is due to border on the M11 when building has finished.

Aldborough is semi-rural in nature and a majority of its housing stock is freehold, detached and semi-detached. These properties tend to be larger than those found in Ilford town centre or the western half of Redbridge. Aldborough ward has a population of 15,318 and is split into two Parliamentary Constituencies, Ilford North and Ilford South. South Woodford is a residential area that is home to reputable schools, locals pubs and businesses.

. North Woodford.   North Woodford had higher than average crime rates for the borough as a whole.


The Loxford ward is the southernmost point of the borough and also suffers from high levels of reported crime.  A ward was created for the parish of  Watford  in 1934. The new  Watford 's  Loxford Estate had been built in the interwar period by the LCC as a council housing project. The estate housed many people relocated from slum clearance areas, living in houses called "semi-detached", "a doff" (half a brick) or "a lox" (pronounced "locks"), hence giving the ward its name, and distinguishing it from similarly named places.

The Loxford ward is bounded on the north east side by the River Thames, across which is the Bermondsey (London Borough of Southwark) and Rotherhithe (London Borough of Southwark) wards. To the north west is Camberwell New Road which separates it from New Cross and Peckham (both London Borough of Southwark). To the west and south west is a series of thoroughfares including Coldharbour Lane and Old Kent Road. The River Ravensbourne forms its southern boundary with Deptford Strand and Greenwich wards.

The Loxford ward is the southernmost point of the borough and also suffers from high levels of reported crime. Liam Hennessey is running for Council in this politically-divided ward. Hennessey has been involved with UKIP since 2010 and was a prospective parliamentary candidate for the party. He was most recently seen in national media reports after defacing street art that he deemed offensive. The Loxford ward is the southernmost point of Hackney. It's bordered by London Fields and Stoke Newington, to the east; Stamford Hill and Dalston, to the north; Hoxton, to the southwest, and Canada Water (part of the River Thames) and Rotherhithe (also on the river) to the west.


Goodmayes ward has a relatively small population of 10,950 residents. It was under the control of Redbridge Council from the last election in 2006 to 2010, when now it is part of New Labour/Tory council coalition run by Cllr Cliff Morris. Goodmayes is currently held by Jackie Smith (Labour) who replaced the previous election's winner Shneur Odze (Independent) with a majority of 2038 votes in 2010 after the previous BLP councillor died prematurely. Goodmayes forms the southern part of the district of Ilford, in the London Borough of Redbridge.

To the west it is bounded by North End and Gants Hill, to the east lie Seven Kings and Goodmayes shares a short border with Chigwell in Hertfordshire running south from The Hoppit. To the north are Leytonstone and Wanstead. Goodmayes is a small ward in the south of the borough to the east of Ilford Town, which experienced a high crime rate of 114 reported incidents in June. These figures are 30 more than the previous month and include a number of thefts from vehicles, 9 burglaries, 1 sex offence and 2 violent crimes.

Goodmayes has a total population of 10,527 (2011 census) and is one of the most ethnically diverse wards in Newham and London as a whole. It also has the highest percentage of Muslims and Christians, whereas neighbouring wards have larger Jewish and Hindu populations. Goodmayes is a small ward in the south of the borough to the east of Ilford Town, which experienced a high crime rate of 114 reported incidents in June. The most common type of crime recorded was Anti-social behaviour with 38 reported incidents in June this year.

The crime rate in Goodmayes is slightly lower then it was last year for the same time period. This may be due to the increase of 11 reported violent crimes or the decrease of 6 property crimes. Violent crime is indeed a concern in Goodmayes.  [  It also suffers from a very high level of reported crime. The statistics for the Loxford ward area could be considered surprising.  What is immediately noticeable is that house prices in this ward are significantly lower than the rest of Greenwich.

Seven Kings

The borough is still safer than last year, where there were 130 crimes reported in June, but despite the apparent decline in crime, there are a few areas you should be aware of. Notably violent crime. There were 34 incidents of violence or sexual offences reported, which was a large increase from the 20 reported in May. The latest crime figures from the Metropolitan Police show that violence is an ongoing concern in the west of the borough, with 121 offences reported in June 2016.

This brings the number of crimes to 775 for year ending June 2016, which is higher than previous year but lower than May’s tally. The worrying trend of growing crime levels in Seven Kings has continued into June, with several major crimes being reported. Residents and shopkeepers have called on the Met to ‘make a statement’ with increased patrols after the flurry of attacks. One of the most prominent areas of crime in Seven Kings is Yeading Lane, which has seen 25 crimes reported.