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Waste And Recycling Rates For Redbridge

Waste And Recycling Rates For Redbridge

Waste And Recycling Rates For London Borough Of Redbridge 2017-18

Have you ever wondered what your council does with your waste? Or how much of it that they collect each week? It turns out different councils have different schemes which vary significantly between them. This has led me to create a script that allows you to compare the recycling rates and volumes per household for your area against London Borough of Redbridge’s Waste data. Where local authorities are assessed for their performance in recycling and disposing of waste, the average recycling and composting rate in England is 47.

32%, This Is Redbridge ( The recycling and composting rate for London Borough of Redbridge is 22. 89%, which means it is performing around 3 times worse than the average local authority. The London Borough of Redbridge has an overall recycling rate of 26. 85% in 2017-18, although we think they could still do better. The recycling and waste rates data is based on the 2011 census which is released every year. We have also included a handy tool so you can check your local council's rating.

Waste Recycling Performance

London Borough of Redbridge has scored 15. 14 against Waste Recycling Performance and is placed 276th upstream. Analysis of local authorities'performances for each waste type reveals that London Borough of Redbridge performs best for Paper & Cardboard (98. 07%), but performs worst for Construction & Demolition waste (78. 10%).      The most common type of waste recycled in London Borough of Redbridge is Paper & Cardboard (99. 35%). The percentage of recyclable municipal waste by local authorities in England in 2017 was 62%.

With more than 105,000 local authorities worldwide benchmarking their performance against 28 services in over five continents, the WPI has become the world’s most comprehensive benchmarking tool.  WasteRecyclingPerformance. com is a free benchmarking service providing access to an unprecedented volume of data and information. It is by far the largest resource for metrics on solid waste management. London Borough of Redbridge is performing far worse than expected given their recorded disposal methods. This authority, with a solid Waste Recycling performance of 6.

8%, has been performing consistently worse than neighbouring authorities with similar economies. London Borough of Redbridge (0. 00%) performs worse than more than 99% of local authorities. What is the waste recycling performance of London Borough of Redbridge?. London Borough of Redbridge was given a green tick (97. 09% in recycling rate), meaning that overall its residents are doing a great job of putting their recycling in the right bin and it's paying off. Waste and Recycling Rates for London Borough of Redbridge 2017-18 This is the latest information you can get about waste collection, recycling and disposal for your local authority.

Political Make Up Of The Council For London Borough Of Redbridge

London Borough of Redbridge has a problem. It has the highest percentage of non-British born residents in the UK with 97. 09% of the total local population born outside of this country. A clearly unsustainable situation for benefactors and those requiring services in this borough but not only being called on to pay their fair share, but increasingly finding their own government cutting services they heavily depend on. Political Make up of the Council for London Borough of Redbridge.

During May 2018 there was a significant increase in councillors with no party political affiliation. From zero to seven in just over three months. This brings the total non-party political members to 32 (14%), while Conservative members topped at 58 (26%). Results: Political Make up of the Council for London Borough of Redbridge. The political make up is as follows: Labour, 59 councillors; Liberal Democrat, 6 councillors; Conservative, 3 councillors, Independent councillor (2); Respect, 1 councillor.