Terms and Conditions

Any image uploaded for this project must be the property and copyright of the individual uploading and, by doing so, they give their approval for the images to be used in this project.

All photographs uploaded will be stored and used solely for the purposes of inclusion in the This is Redbridge photo mosaic.

While you retain the copyright in your image, once uploaded you grant us a licence to publish and otherwise use the image in other ways connected with this project. This may include using it on social media, on printed materials or on other Redbridge Council websites to help promote the This is Redbridge photo mosaic and application to be the London Borough of Culture.

The organisers give complete assurance that your images will not be used for any purpose outside of the project without your express permission.

The designers make every attempt to ensure each image uploaded will be used in the photomosaic at least once. However, we cannot guarantee, for technical reasons, that every image will be included.

The organisers reserve the right to reject any image that may be deemed inappropriate, offensive or otherwise unacceptable.